Neonatal Intensive Care

Newborn babies who need intensive medical care are often put in a special area of the hospital called the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Dr. Jain is a trained healthcare professionals to give special care for the tiniest patients. NICUs may also care for babies who are not as sick but do need specialized nursing care.

Most babies admitted to the NICU are preterm (born before 37 weeks of pregnancy), have low birth weight (less than 2.5 kgs), or have a health condition that needs special care. Many of these babies also have low birth weights. Twins, triplets, and other multiples often are admitted to the NICU. This is because they tend to be born earlier and smaller than single birth babies. Babies with health conditions such as breathing trouble, heart problems, infections, or birth defects are also cared for in the NICU.